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View Item 2Time-Bandits-by-CS-Logan

Time Bandits [Variant]

View Item timebanditsscratchboardthumb

Time Bandits [Scratchboard]

View Item mpthumb

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

View Item Time-Bandits-by-CS-Loganthumb

Time Bandits

View Item LSgoldilocksthumb

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

View Item JEbfgthumb

This is Dream Country

View Item Mthemagicfingerthumb

The Magic Finger

View Item CindyDrawSmall

Cinderella [Drawing]

View Item JCRtheminpinsthumb

The Minpins

View Item CindySmall


View Item PJmyuncleoswaldthumb

My Uncle Oswald

View Item DDLfantasticmrfoxthumb

Elusive Mr. Fox

View Item Wonka-Bar-Orange-Small

Wonka Nutty Crunch

View Item Lamb-to-the-SlaughterSmall

Lamb of the Slaughter

View Item Wonka-Bar-GoldSmall

Wonka Fudgemallow

View Item How-to-Recognize-a-Real-WitchSmall

How to Recognize a Real Witch

View Item BringitPeachSmall

James vs the Giant Peach

View Item ABthetwitsthumb

The Twits

View Item DGthebfgthumb


View Item Wonka-Bar-SilverSmall

Wonka Chilly Creme

View Item Gthetwitsthumb

Mr. Twit

View Item AGjamesthumb

James and the Giant Peach

View Item The-Witches-by-Michael-DePippoSamml

The Witches [Purple Variant]

View Item GremlinsSmall


View Item MatildaSmall


View Item GhristInkSmall

James and the Giant Peach [Ink]

View Item MLgmmthumb

George’s Marvellous Medicine

View Item PPbfgthumb


View Item GhristGraphiteSmall

James and The Giant Peach [Graphite]

View Item The-Witches-Variant-by-Michael-DePippoSmall

The Witches

View Item The-Magic-Finger-by-Jay-ShawSmall

The Magic Finger

View Item CrocREgSmall

The Enormous Crocodile

View Item Sdirtybeaststhumb

Dirty Beasts

View Item JVthewitchesthumb

The Witches

View Item NG1esiotrotthumb

Tortoise, Tortoise [Painting]

View Item NGesiotrotthum

Tortoise, Tortoise

View Item Croc.DrawSmall

The Enormous Crocodile [Graphite]

View Item JamesSmall

James et la Peche Geante

View Item DPcharliethumb

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

View Item godmachine-variant-small

Mr. Twit Variant

View Item CrocVarSmall

The Enormous Crocodile [Variant]

View Item 12-Monkeys-Var-by-Matty-TobinSmall

12 Monkeys [Variant]

View Item 12-Monkeys-by-Matty-TobinSmall

12 Monkeys

View Item GoodVibesSmall

Good Vibes Only

View Item RBpent-upthumb


View Item JRklawgreenthumb

Klaw (Green/Yellow)

View Item JRvenomthumb

Venom (Black/Grey)

View Item JRcarnagethumb

Carnage (Red/Black)

View Item JRcatwomanthumb

Catwoman (Green)

View Item JRklawthumb

Klaw (Green/Orange Fade)

View Item IronManSmall

Ironman [Green/Yellow Fade]

View Item CyclopGreenSmall

Cyclops [Green]

View Item CyclopBlueSmall

Cyclops [Blue]

View Item VisionSmall

Vision [Green]