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Red and Royal: Featuring Andrew Ghrist

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Andrew Ghrist is a Chicago based artist, illustrator, and printmaker with a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work consists of equal parts fantastic organic illustration of nature and graphic elements created by the printmaking process. Andrew Ghrist’s prints, and even more so his original drawings, exhibit dedication to craftsmanship and detail, transforming the work into artifacts of countless hours spent diligently crouched over an image.

Andrew Ghrist’s new exhibition “Red and Royal” is collection of work that explores the majesty of the avian world with a color so powerful it runs through our veins. One can experience the reverence that Ghrist has for birds through his labored representations of this diverse group of creatures. There is a level of emotion expressed through every feather carefully crafted by the strokes of red ink. Ghrist takes the time to highlight these marvelous birds depicting them with crowns enhancing their regal presences. The birds themselves are a work of art, with an elegance that never seems to wane and is only enhanced by the shades of vermilion and scarlet.

On Friday, June 9th from 6–10PM Galerie F Underground presents this rich collection of brand new works from beloved local talent, Andrew Ghrist. The evening is sponsored by delicious brews from Dryhop Brewers and ph balanced hydration from Essentia Water. You’re invited to celebrate and support one of the gallery’s featured artists and favorite printmakers!

FRIDAY, May 26 2017


Movie Poster Remakes

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Galerie F is beyond excited to be hosting an energetic exhibition full of driven, local artists. This roster of superb talent is brought to you by our friend, NACO — one of the many artists in Movie Poster Remakes. Movies do more than just sell concessions on date night, they bring tall tales to life, retell legends and unite us in fandom.

This exhibition will pay tribute to beloved movies, from classic films to current flicks. Alongside being treated to a variety of re-interpretations of popular movies, you can expect a diverse range of stunning visuals (prints and originals) with work from illustrators, designers and street artists! This is not just an opportunity to find truly unique work inspired by movies that blew your mind and stole your heart but also a chance to gain a little common ground with each of these artists. We’re so looking forward to a collection of work that pushes these artists to explore their talents under one blockbuster theme!

Alexis Moulds
CHema Skandal!
Chris Duran
Enrique Reyes
Ivan Vazquez
JH Jones
Jonathan Carradine
Kawaii Suga
Kayla Mahaffey
Kristina Smith
Laura Gomez
Lisa Gray
Liz Flores
Nicole Malcom
Penny Pinch
Tracee Badway
Veronica Martinez

This evening is sponsored with delcious beers by Firestone Walker Brewing Co. and hydration by Essentia Water. Swing by Galerie F on Friday, May 26 from 6–10PM. This event is FREE and FAMILY FRIENDLY!

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