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Past Exhibitions

May 4 – 14, 2018


                                                     Broad Shoulders: A Solo Show by Penny Pinch

Galerie F is proud to open its doors and give Chicago street artist Penny Pinch the floor to pay homage to ‘The City of the Big Shoulders’.

“Carl Sandburg describes Chicago as a ‘Hog Butcher for the World, Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat.’ Chicago has always been known as a hardworking, blue collar city. ‘Broad Shoulders’ is a show about this city that I grew up in. It’s about the work ethic of Chicagoans and their artists. It’s about the Midwest. If we get knocked down, we get back up. We work for what we want. We hustle, we create, we grind, and we collaborate.”                                                                                                                                                                           – Penny Pinch

Penny Pinch is a Chicago street artist who works entirely with free and found materials. He never spends money on art supplies but gets everything for his gallery and street work from trades, gifts or dumpsters.  His signature “Pinch” character can be seen throughout Chicago on wheatpaste posters and stickers. His art sarcastically deals with the topics of money, art culture, pop culture and capitalism.

April 6 – April 30, 2018


Familiar Faces II: Characters, Mashups & Bootlegs

For our second installment of Familiar Faces we, once again, brought together the killer artists behind all your favorite characters, mashups and bootlegs! This collection features works from artists near and far who use mascots as an extension of themselves, infuse pop culture characters in their work or have an iconic style that’s all their own. Our gallery walls will be lined with recognizable characters from your everyday walks, from your childhood and from beyond.

March 2 – 26, 2018


Urbs in Horto II featuring Nate Otto: Celebrating The City of Chicago’s 181st Birthday

​On March 4, 1837, Chicago was officially incorporated as a city. Its government adopted the Latin phrase “Urbs in Horto” as the new city’s motto. Translating to “City in a Garden,” the motto was chosen with the hopes that Chicago would add more parkland. However, despite its near two centuries worth of growth and history, Chicago doesn’t quite live up to its original slogan but still offers people reason to love it. Join Galerie F on Friday, March 2, as we feature artwork celebrating this fine city.

February 23 – 26, 2018


tom billings: after the first stroke, everything is a correction

In a garden unit on a quiet Wicker Park side street, you’ll find a meticulously laid out studio where an artist, resembling the Marlboro Man, steadily paints, prints and fires a kiln with extraordinary discipline. He doesn’t seek perfection, as there’s no romance in perfection. He works in search of the happy mistakes because after the first stroke, everything is a correction. On Friday, February 23, join Galerie F as we unveil the latest works of prolific, Chicago artist, tom billings.

January 26 – February 18, 2018


Restless II: Skate Art by Vandals and Visionaries

Many of the people that make up street art’s community of thrill-seekers and risk-takers are distinctly part of ever-evolving skate culture. This relationship is as give and take as the tide itself, pushing each other toward new waves and pulling away from old shores. For Galerie F, this is the perfect exhibition to open 2018. We’re glowing up old favorites with new vibes starting with our favorite exhibition of last year with Restless II.

This collection of work isn’t just a skate show, just like the creators of its community are not just deadbeats on wheels. We’re inviting fresh talents who are defining contemporary just by bringing their most genuine and raw selves to their work. With 60+ artists from all over the world, Restless II will feature new faces and old favorites working on blank decks, used decks from Uprise and even some original works on panels.

Get rowdy with us on Friday, January 26th, 2018. Opening night hosts a myriad of new original works alongside bottled hydrations from Essentia Water and can brews from PBR. This event is free and open to the public — come help us support the raddest and the baddest from 6-10PM in Logan Square only at Galerie F.



Bruja’s Brew

Chicago and Oakland collide as Galerie F presents a collection of new works by ZEYE and LADY LUUZ, their first collaborative exhibition. “Bruja’s Brew” opens in Galerie F Underground on Friday, September 29th from 6–10PM and will be on view until Sunday, October 22nd, 2017, featuring a public mural, indoor installations and 3D works. To accompany the artwork and chill the vibes, there will be vinyl selections from Daniel Villarreal-Carrillo.

“Bruja’s Brew” is about finding and owning your power whether you’re a woman, man, witch or bitch. Because there’s magic in your bones, can you feel it? And your hands are magic wands that glow with power, do you believe it? It’s about how we gather under full moons to burn herbs and sip some brews with our homegirls, friends and shit-talking crews. And how we draw pictures on the walls, an ancient tradition remixed and recalled, to tell stories from our mother’s mother’s ma; a story we’ve had inside us all along. How our bodies play a beat and make the link to all that was and all that will be. How with enough space and enough time, we can find our gems within, polish them with love, and let them shine.

The evening is generously sponsored by our lovely neighbors Hopewell Brewing Company with refreshing hydration from Essentia Water. This evening is another double bash at the gallery with a second opening on the main show floor with Delicious Design League! Check out info on their upcoming show which will feature prints, originals and an immersive VR experience: Duotone DDL Galerie F Show




DUOTONE will exhibit the dark and light sides of Delicious Design League. It will feature screen-prints and original art that is either nightmare inducing or cute and cuddly. It’s going to be a dichotomy of styles that will leave some bemused. It will also feature a virtual reality experience that will let the viewer travel through the art and decide in real-time if they prefer the scary or silly side of DDL.

Delicious Design League has been a mainstay of Chicago print and design since their inception in 2006. They cut their teeth at the infamous Screwball press and with the help and support of everyone from the Chicago print and design community have been able to grow into something formidable. They have been able to expand from creating gigposters for The Empty Bottle to now making art and design for some of the biggest brands in the world.



Intersections: The Work of Mosher X ANTCK

This two person exhibition examines the ideas and overlapping nature of crossed paths both in terms of dominant use of line work and in the art itself. The show is an exploration of the dynamics and aesthetics of intersections as they relate to city streets and the art created there. In the street art community it’s common for artists to collaborate and support each other’s craft. The show highlights this strength and brings two talented artists to one space. Featuring new and unseen work with an inspired collaborative installation. Both artists are active muralists in Chicago and their work can be seen on walls through the city.

Galerie F is proud to share new all-original works from local street artists andmuralists Mosher and ANTCK (Anthony Lewellen). Mosher is an avid muralist with his trademark monkey character and vivid comic book aesthetic, he is quickly becoming an iconic part of the burgeoning Chicago mural scene. His vibrant color palette, thoughtful motifs and chimerical settings are not only a great foundation for “Intersections” but also a fitting companion to Lewellen’s creative world. Multidisciplinary art maker, Anthony Lewellen is known for his immaculate paintings, large-scale urban murals and surreal illustrations. Both masters of composition, movement and crisp line work — these two talents are unveiling the bigger picture with everyday intersections of our shared experience.

This exhibition is free and open to the public. PLEASE RSVP THROUGH THE EVENT BRITE LINK LISTED RIGHT HERE ON THE EVENT PAGE. We’ll be serving up cold brews from Metropolitan Brewing all night alongside ph balance hydration from Essentia Water. You’re invited to celebrate the vibrant and colorful work of two local talents with us … and the close of another fine summer from 6-10PM on Friday, September 1st only at Galerie F.



Blood, $weat & Years

Joseph “Sentrock” Perez is an artist originally from Phoenix, AZ. He moved to Chicago to pursue a change in scenery and obtain an Bachelors of Art & Design at Columbia College. Perez is known for using bright colors, intense lettering and characters that grab the attention of viewer. A believer in the quote “Art cannot deny the environment that it is in”, Perez allows his surroundings of living in Chicago to influence his latest works.

Blood, $weat & Years is a celebration to surviving the times. Through sacrifice, grindin’ and determination we prevail. Proving nature’s laws wrong, we learned to fly without wings. Sentrock’s iconic characters, shocking colors and fierce poetry, expose each of us to our own blazing persistence that comes from the heart and raises the tide of our shared humanity.

Join us at Galerie F on Friday, August 4th from 6-10PM for this brand new collection of original works from paintings, illustrations and various never before seen newness from Sentrock. We’ll have sponsored hydration from Essentia Water and beer, beer, beer all night.




Aside from locations literally setting the stage in a story, buildings, monuments, and scenery can enhance and develop moments sometimes beyond words themselves. Architecture specifically has the power to mimic landscapes, rebuild the human form and translate time into a lasting monument. Be it in film or on paper, moments and experiences can transcend dialogue when paired with an unforgettable, symbolic location.Whether it’s the overwhelming feeling of vertigo, the unbearable weight of grave conclusions, or the glittering burst of joy, these experiences are made deeper and richer with the power of stunning visuals and meaningful settings. Inferences made on the human experience through an architectural landscape, setting, or location are beyond compare and continuously perfected in film, video games, comics, and even books.

Galerie F is proud to present Justin Van Genderen’s “Location Location Location: Architecture” which features art prints of specific architecture and broader looks at locations in pop culture from books to cinema. Justin Van Genderen spends most of his time sticking to the ideas. The science. The truth of the matter. The intersection of Science, Art and Design is what occupies his brain most. His artwork in both the architectural and scientific realm seem to answer why we seek order in a universe that moves towards chaos, where our spirituality comes from and what human progress has to say about it all. He does all this while maintaining familiarity in these subjects through pop-culture, notable figures and scientific theories.

This opening night is taking place alongside a tandem show in Galerie F Underground! Required Reading: Curated by Sick Fisher pushes local talent into re-imagining book covers and artwork from materials they were once required to read. Join us for this spectacular tandem show for Galerie F’s 5th Anniversary on Friday, July 7th from 6-10PM. We’ll have yummy beer from21st Amendment Brewery and ph balanced hydration from Essentia Water!



Required Reading

Galerie F is celebrating five years in Logan Square this summer with a double whammy show on the main floor (Location Location Location: Architecture) and in our Underground Space. We’ve invited non-stop local legend and our dear friend, Sick Fisher to curate one his dynamic group shows stuffed with local talent. All works in this exhibition are based off texts that the artist was once forced to read. This applies to books, adverts, and any other form of the written word.

We’ve all survived required reading, for better or worse. Some of these writings shaped us, surprised us, bored us to tears. Regardless of how required readings came and went in your life, this upcoming collection in Galerie F Underground is sure to bring back some memories. Come out on Friday, July 7th from 6-10PM (We’ll have yummy beer from 21st Amendment Brewery alongside ph balanced hydration from Essentia Water) to celebrate these local artists in our space that’s thrived for the past five years because of them.

Alison McKenzie
Amy Trummer
Andrew Rehs
Ben Giska
Brandon Tone
Brett Manning
Brigid Olivia Schabes
Caroline Liu
Charlie Megna
Eddy Rivera
Glass Cuisine
Jeff Specks
Jessi Meliza
John Maloof
Justin Howard
Kate Lewis
Kelly Reaves
Mac Blackout
Marcy Jeanne Thomas
Max Morris
Patt Knerr
Penny Pinch
Rachel Lechocki
Rich Salamander
Rodney Dollah
Ryan Burns
Sara Engimann
Sarah Marie Coogan
Shaina Hoffman
Sick Fisher
Speck Osterhout
Sydney Boyle
Tana Hamilton
TJ Kiser

FRIDAY, JUNE 30 2017



World renowned Secret Walls has visited over 80 cities and hosted over 2,000 black and white battles with mega talents. This summer Chicago welcomes the event to Logan Square! Galerie F and Secret Walls are teaming up for an all day fest and an evening battle hosted at East Room on Saturday, July 1: Secret Walls x Chicago

In tandem with the official battle, Galerie F is hosting a very special pop-up exhibition and battle pre-party to support this Secret Walls event. Since the battle itself consists of two teams of four, we were eager to bring out some more talent from 30 artists in a monochromatic exhibition. This Galerie F event is unlike any other exhibition we’ve hosted before! Although the artwork will be on view with a soft opening to the public, the celebration goes down as a pre-party on Friday, June 30th from 6-10PM the night before the fest and battle.

Join us on Friday night for an all black and white event with beverages fromOld Style Beer and ph balanced hydration from Essentia Water before we go big on Saturday!

(Sub)Urban Warrior
Antonio Beniquez
Anthony Lewellen
CJ Hungerman
Erik Lundquist
Jas Petersen
Jillian Evelyn
Joey D
Joon the Goon
Josh Grotto
Junk Yard
Lefty Out There
Mac Blackout
Marco Miller
Max Sansing
Mr Switch
Nate Otto
Raul Ra
Revise CMW
Stuk One
Sonic Visual Graphics
Vivian Le



Red and Royal: Featuring Andrew Ghrist

Andrew Ghrist is a Chicago based artist, illustrator, and printmaker with a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work consists of equal parts fantastic organic illustration of nature and graphic elements created by the printmaking process. Andrew Ghrist’s prints, and even more so his original drawings, exhibit dedication to craftsmanship and detail, transforming the work into artifacts of countless hours spent diligently crouched over an image.

Andrew Ghrist’s new exhibition “Red and Royal” is collection of work that explores the majesty of the avian world with a color so powerful it runs through our veins. One can experience the reverence that Ghrist has for birds through his labored representations of this diverse group of creatures. There is a level of emotion expressed through every feather carefully crafted by the strokes of red ink. Ghrist takes the time to highlight these marvelous birds depicting them with crowns enhancing their regal presences. The birds themselves are a work of art, with an elegance that never seems to wane and is only enhanced by the shades of vermilion and scarlet.

On Friday, June 9th from 6–10PM Galerie F Underground presents this rich collection of brand new works from beloved local talent, Andrew Ghrist. The evening is sponsored by delicious brews from Dryhop Brewers and ph balanced hydration from Essentia Water. You’re invited to celebrate and support one of the gallery’s featured artists and favorite printmakers!



Movie Poster Remakes

Galerie F is beyond excited to be hosting an energetic exhibition full of driven, local artists. This roster of superb talent is brought to you by our friend, NACO — one of the many artists in Movie Poster Remakes. Movies do more than just sell concessions on date night, they bring tall tales to life, retell legends and unite us in fandom.

This exhibition will pay tribute to beloved movies, from classic films to current flicks. Alongside being treated to a variety of re-interpretations of popular movies, you can expect a diverse range of stunning visuals (prints and originals) with work from illustrators, designers and street artists! This is not just an opportunity to find truly unique work inspired by movies that blew your mind and stole your heart but also a chance to gain a little common ground with each of these artists. We’re so looking forward to a collection of work that pushes these artists to explore their talents under one blockbuster theme!

Alexis Moulds
CHema Skandal!
Chris Duran
Enrique Reyes
Ivan Vazquez
JH Jones
Jonathan Carradine
Kawaii Suga
Kayla Mahaffey
Kristina Smith
Laura Gomez
Lisa Gray
Liz Flores
Nicole Malcom
Penny Pinch
Tracee Badway
Veronica Martinez

This evening is sponsored with delcious beers by Firestone Walker Brewing Co. and hydration by Essentia Water. Swing by Galerie F on Friday, May 26 from 6–10PM. This event is FREE and FAMILY FRIENDLY!


Restless: Skate Art by Vandals & Visionaries

In tandem with the street art community, skate culture is the embodiment of the can’t stop won’t stop grind. Propelled by all walks of creators from artists and musicians to skaters, its culture is constantly in motion. The very nature of current is that is must press on. It can’t stand still while the world changes around it. It’s why art and life continuously imitate each other, it’s why our parents just aren’t hip and with it, it’s why Galerie F is putting up this rad show.

We’re showcasing talents of the restless creators that push and pull what’s around them because in doing so, they redefine what matters right here and now to each of us by defining themselves in art. The raw value of fresh is the human energy behind it. This fire collection of work will burn down your every expectation whether it’s an original artwork or a dope deck design. Come for the boss artwork, stay for the chill vibes. We’re also doing a very limited hat release with Mosher and even more limited release of skate Ts by JC Rivera and Sentrock — poppin off on opening night at Galerie F!

(sub)urban warrior
Adrian Landon Brooks
Alero Art
Armani Howard
Ben Giska
Castle Steps
Cat Atomic
Charlie Menga
Corey Singletary
Douglas Miles
Erik Lundquist
JC Rivera
Jeffrey Cheung
Jesse LeDoux
Joe DeLuca
Junk Yard
Kawaii Suga
Lucas Madel
Maddo Hewes
Marco Miller
Max Sansing
Mike Fudge
Mike Monteleagre
Mr. Switch
Nicky Davis
Penny Pinch
Raul Ra
Rome Won
Sonic Visual Graphics
Stevie Dread
Vivian Le
Wizard Skull
Zeye One

Beverages for the evening will be sponsored by our good neighborsRevolution Brewing and ph balanced hydration will be provided by Essentia Water!


Fairytales & Monsters: The Delicious World of Elloo

Turn yourself inside out with Elloo and this all new collection of work that dives into not just her subconscious but experiences and lessons we’ve all journeyed through. This series of works is about everyday moments that make life magical and magnificent: falling in love, fighting evils, breaking down, building up and making a place for yourself. We all have a purpose, a force that pushes each of us to find our tribe, to put in the work for what we love and sometimes to lick our wounds after we fall.

With uncanny talent, Elloo creates scenes that are as adorable as they are unsettling. Her utterly scrumptious paintings drip with sweets and bright colors from a fairytale monster universe of her own design. As captivating as each piece is on its own, they are all just parts of a bigger quest to know herself and in turn to better understand each other. Show up hungry, this is her world and you’re welcome to dig in.

This evening is sponsored by her friends at Lagunitas Brewing Co as well as our friends at Essentia Water. Stop by from 6-10PM for this underground exhibition at Galerie F!


Danny Sobor (b. 1992) is a Chicago/Detroit based visual artist and muralist. His work fuses public and studio art practices, blurring the monikers of “street” and “fine art.” His prints, paintings, murals and drawings have been displayed in diverse locations: from vacant storefronts in Detroit to the Seoul Museum of Art in South Korea. His recent body of work focuses on contemporary figuration and mixed media collage, finding a balance between nostalgic and fresh.

Sobor’s grandmother Helena was a Chicago Public Librarian for more than three decades. Over her career she amassed a large collection of books in both English and Polish. Approaching 80, she has started to exhibit signs of dementia. joined//fading is an effort to preserve and celebrate memory in Helena’s old books.

Using family photos, portraits of friends, images of strangers, old feelings, moments since moving to Detroit and folk patterns, joined//fading focuses on the way memories blend and fuse. Over time, faces shift and disappear, emotions fade and intensify, moments blur and combine. The mixed media drawings on Helena’s pages weave together her and Sobor’s memories and possessions, capturing small pieces of a greater thread that continues onward indefinitely. An artist booklet featuring reinterpretations of Sobor’s illustrations and Helena’s pages will accompany the pieces in his show.

Join us on Friday, April 14 from 6-10PM in Galerie F’s Underground gallery. We’ll be serving up ultra-delicious beers by Off Color Brewing will be served all night alongside some ph balanced hydration by Essentia Water!


Galerie F recently relocated to a new space down the block (still in Logan Square). If you haven’t stopped by our new digs yet, you probably haven’t seen that we have a new underground gallery space! Welcome to the perfect opportunity to swing by and check it out alongside some fresh artwork.

Our first exhibition in this new vintage-inspired space features artwork from Wizard Skull, an outrageous character-based artist hailing from Brooklyn. Influenced by the skateboard graphics, garbage pail kids and cartoons of the 80s, he got his first exposure as an artist when skateboard brand, Consolidated Skateboards, decided to use some of the drawings he had mailed them as board graphics, which led to doing over 200+ board graphics for companies and stores all over the world. From there he began wheat pasting his Sexy Ronald image all over NYC for some years which has gone viral and even been bootlegged by tshirt vendors in Thailand.

You may have seen a couple of his original pieces make an appearance at the very last exhibition in the original Galerie F location: Familiar Faces. Wizard Skull promised Chicago a solo show should both of his pieces find new homes here.

FIVE FLAVORS is a series of new paintings on wood and paper exploring pop culture characters in five different iconic styles of the Artist:

1. Paintings without a single straight line.
2. Stretching figures into hilarious proportions.
3. Magnificent mashups of recognizable characters.
4. Original works using both hands to draw mirror images.
5. Intertwining the shapes that exist within Bart Simpson.

Come out to Galerie F on Friday, March 24 from 6-10PM for a taste of some artwork you’ve absolutely never experienced before. FIVE FLAVORS is proudly sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and ph balanced hydration will be provided by Essentia Water.



Chicago’s slogan “Urbs in Horto” translates from Latin to “City in a Garden”. This slogan was established when Chicago was officially incorporated as a city 180 years ago on March 4th, 1837. Although initial ambitious plans to surround Chicago in green parkland were never fulfilled, our fine city developed one of the most visionary park and boulevard systems in the nation which allowed us to host the World’s Fair (twice)! Chicago pride goes beyond its iconic skyline and boss sports teams. The reasons to be proud are as numerous and varied as the individuals who make this city a lush place to grow.

As a printmaking gallery, Galerie F aspires to provide a space that promotes printmaking as an art form. Chicago’s printer community is treasured and respected far and wide for it’s talent and unmatched grit. It was only fitting that “Urbs in Horto” at Galerie F brings together over twenty printers and makers to illustrate and share exactly what they love about Chicago — you are sure to find a piece in this collection that resonates and sings of home. Join us at Galerie F on Friday, March 3rd from 6-10PM to celebrate Chicago! Our fine city’s favorite beer, Old Style, will be sponsoring the evening alongside PH Balanced Hydration by Essentia Water.

Andrew Ghrist
Anna Hasseltine
Chloe Perkis
Corey Singletary
Cul De Sac Press
Dan Grzeca
Devin Owsley-Aquilia
Emmy Star Brown
Gabe Hoare
Liz Born
Liz Flores
Lloyd Patterson Jr
Matthew Hoffman
Mike Monteleagre
Nate Otto
SORRY Design
Starshaped Press


This duo has been peppering the busy streets of Chicago for years. From larger than life murals to the smallest of stickers on the cuttiest cutie corners, these two have hit everything. Their high energy work now moves indoors in a mashup show that combines “El Pincho’s” modest, pithy, and unvarnished style with “T-mo’s” snappish, no slouch approach. The Unconventional Story of Bernie and Clyde celebrates the complimentary style of their work—a Pas de Deux cut from the opposite ends of the same cloth.

Bromance: The Unconventional Story of Bernie and Clyde is generously sponsored by 21st Amendment Brewery and hydration will be provided by Essentia Water! Stop by this free and family-friendly event on Friday, February 10 from 6–10PM.





Galerie F presents “7” — Featuring prints and originals from our seven trail blazing artists. The gallery has been going through a myriad of changes for the better in the past few months. It is with spectacular timing of the new year that we present our revamped gallery in a new space. We look forward to the upcoming changes which include a more robust support of our Chicago printmaking community as well as growing with and developing emerging local street artists.

“7” brings together the gallery’s featured artists who range from esteemed printmakers to beloved street artists and the space in between those two realms with a couple of makers who push the frontiers of the handcut stencil medium. These artists have long supported the gallery since its opening in 2012 and we are eager to show support back with our Grand Reopening. “7”‘s collection will spotlight the talents of these magnificent seven artists with fresh work in the new year. These guys are ones to keep your eyes on with upcoming print releases, murals and solo shows through Galerie F in 2017!

Andrew Ghrist • Epyon5 • Jason Rowland • JC Rivera • Justin Van Genderen • Mosher • Sentrock

You are invited to celebrate all the newness with us on the opening night of lucky number “7” from 6–10PM on Friday the 13th of January. This will be our first exhibition in our new space at 2415 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647.

Beer provided by Revolution Brewing • Spirits provided by Stolen Spirits • Hydration provided by Essentia Water

Familiar Faces – December 09 – December 25.



Galerie F is looking to wrap up the year with a hot knock-out show just in time for the holiday season. We’re bringing together the best makers and mashers of characters and mascots! This collection will feature 12″x12″ works from local street artists with beloved mascots as well as artists near and far who use recognizable characters from popular culture — or have an iconic style that’s all their own. Last but not least we’ve brought out some mashup masters who have an eye for seamlessly weaving different figures, faces and places together.

This high-energy exhibition is sure to have many, many pieces that hit close to the heart. The walls will be lined with characters from your everyday walks, from your childhood, from beyond.

Celebrate the end of the year with Galerie F and also the end of an era. That’s right — this is the very last show that Galerie F will host in this space at 2381 N Milwaukee before we relocate (details to come)! Don’t miss this monumental event. Just don’t.

Check out our game-changing line-up:

Adrian K
Big Teeff
Brain Killer
Brian Reedy
Captain Kris
Deth P. Sun
El Barto
Enrique Reyes
Glass Cuisine
Goop Massta
Greg and Fake
Jason Rowland
JC Rivera
Jeroen Huijbregts
JH Jones
Kill Taupe
Lauren Asta
Leroy Drown
Mac Blackout
Marthalicia Matarrita
Matt Linehamm
Matt Siren
Mr. Switch
Paul Rentler
Penny Pinch
Raul Ra
Robots Will Kill
Rodney Dollah
Rome Won
Sike Style
They Drift
Wizard Skull
Zero Productivity

FAMILIAR FACES was proudly sponsored by Perrier and, for the first time ever, Metropolitan Brewing.




Dan Grzeca Top 20 – October 28 – November 27

Grzeca is an illustrator and printmaker based in Chicago. Renowned for his gig posters and iconic scratch-board illustrative style, he’s done work for The Black Keys, Andrew Bird, Jeff Tweedy, Built to Spill and many, many more. “Dan Grzeca’s Top 20” is a celebration of the development of Grzeca’s stunning body of work over the past two decades through an interpretation of the top twenty songs or pieces of music that have inspired the artist along the way. Galerie F has worked with Grzeca through the past four years and is thrilled to be hosting such a monumental event with the artist. Opening night is free and open to the public with complimentary beverages from Perrier, Three Floyd’s Brewing, and Hop Butcher.

Check out our Facebook Event Page for more information!




Jim Pollock, one of the most quirky, influential and highly collectible rock poster artists of the past century has created a new strain of artwork to be showcased at Galerie F beginning Friday, September 23, 2016. Pollock’s unique linoleum printmaking style uses largely 19th century techniques to portray whimsical (if not downright trippy) themes and his work has formed the cornerstone of the band Phish’s iconic style.

HIGH PHI will highlight a new direction in Pollock’s career by focusing on the artist’s interest in social and environmental issues. The exhibition will feature new prints and sculptural art objects that integrate math and marijuana by focusing on the intellectual beauty of the plant. Like the universe in a thumbnail, these posters are a design feat complex relationship to the ever captivating concept of the golden mean, Pollock has another message: “I wanted to create art that pushes into the forefront something that should have been legalized years ago.”



April 15 – May 1 :: BONES

Galerie F presents a group exhibition focused on bones. We have asked a fitting selection of artists to explore the skeletal system – any creature, real or imagined, in any era. The overall tone is intimate and we invite you to witness delicate works of art bring to life the long since dead.

Here’s our magnificent line-up:
Jeral Tidwell
Andrew Ghrist
Phineas X. Jones
Zeb Love
Craig Horky
Mark Riddick
David Paul Seymour
Chris McAlister
Lauren Young Smith
Ali Norman
AJ Masthay

Christine Faccella
Johnny Crap
Lurk & Destroy
Chris Garofalo
Dale Sarok
Chris Skinner
Heavy Hand Illustration
Christina Mrozik

Gregory Oberle
Neal Williams
Drew Millward
Dan Fraga
Danny Sobor
Tyler Stout
Sean Mort


Mar 18 – Mar 21 :: Galerie F at C2E2 2016

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo – also known as C2E2 – is a comic book and pop culture convention spanning the latest and greatest from the world of comics, movies, television, toys, anime, manga and video games. From a Show Floor packed with hundreds of Exhibitors and Artist Alley members, to Panels, Autograph Sessions and screening rooms featuring sneak peeks at upcoming films and television shows, C2E2 gives Fans a chance to interact with their favorite Creators and Celebrities and delivers a weekend of pop culture and fandom in downtown Chicago.

C2E2 2016 will be held in the South Building at McCormick Place located at 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, Illinois.


Mar 11 – Mar 13 :: Lucid Dreamscapes : David Welker & Brin Levinson

Featuring new work by artists : Brin Levinson & David Welker


Feb 19 – Mar 6 :: Fugscreens Studios 10th Anniversary

Join the fuggin’ revolution!!!!
Come by for celebration of FugScreens 10th Anniversary exhibition, showcasing many artists who have either worked for or alongside Zissou Tasseff-Elenkoff.

Participating Artist list:
Left handwave, Jc Rivera , Dan Mumford , Matthew Hoffman, Billy Craven , Tara Leigh Z . Marc Howell . Kwasi Amankwah , Amy Taylor , Isabelle tasseff-elenkoff, Sara douglas , Nicolette Ross, Lloyd Patterson, Laura Szumowski , Michael Lauritano


Feb 5 – Feb 14 :: You Are Beautiful DIY Sticker

You Are Beautiful began in Chicago in 2002 with 100 stickers. Since then, over 2 million stickers have traveled to every corner of the globe. The most exciting idea about the project is that it has always been open source, giving the community the power to be creative in the way they spread this positive message.

YAB DIY STICKER at Galerie F will showcase a group of incredibly talented artists who will paint, silkscreen, draw, glue, assemble, and create beauty on a large version of the sticker. All to say one simple thing.




Jan 8 – Jan 31 :: Seventy-Seven: A collection of new work by Penny Pinch

Chicago is a divided city. We are divided by neighborhoods, police districts, alderman wards, sports teams, and economic background. In the midst of this division, Chicago stands strong and united as one city. This city is made up of millions of people, thousands of cultures and subcultures, and hundreds of neighborhoods.

According to the University of Chicago, the city of Chicago is broken up into SEVENTY-SEVEN community areas. In order to represent the city as a whole, I have created one piece for each community area and have given it that name. The content of that piece is not meant to represent that community. However, taken as a whole, the pieces represent the richness and diversity of the city of Chicago. The uniqueness and importance of each piece, regardless of size, helps to create a picture of the balanced whole.


Dec 11 – Jan 3 :: Wonders

Featuring new works by Dan Mumford & Andrew Ghrist


Dec 5 – Dec 6 :: Winter Renegade
Nov 6 – Nov 30 :: Galerie F x Boundless Brooklyn x JC Rivera present “Timeless”




Oct 23 – Nov 1 :: Galerie F presents “Creaturology” :: A Solo Exhibition by Jason Brammer

Creaturology, a solo exhibition by Jason Brammer, presents the artist’s study of beasts mythical, nautical, and imagined. This show features a collection of Brammer’s paintings, drawings, and mixed media works exploring mythical dragons, cephalopods, alien deities, and other denizens of the land, sea, and beyond.

Jason Brammer is a visual artist, painter, and muralist based in Chicago, Illinois. He is known for his mixed media hand-painted assemblages, distinctive airbrushed paintings, meticulously-detailed drawings, and site-specific installations. In his mixed media work, such as that of his Axis Mundi and Time Machines series, he creates a unique melding of painted imagery with sculptural elements, such as antique parts, reclaimed wood, and salvaged materials he finds in the alleys by his studio. Described as a “magician with paint”, he experiments with illusionism and trompe l’oeil.



Oct 16 – Oct 18 :: Secret Walls X Galerie F


Sep 4 – Oct 11 :: Galerie F presents FROOTS :: New works by Chris Uphues, Killer Acid, and Buried Diamond

Galerie F is proud to present FROOTS, a three person show featuring Brooklyn’s dream team… Chris Uphues, Buried Diamond, and Killer Acid.
“FROOTS” encompasses all things fruit and frooty; bright, colorful, light hearted, and gender non-specific.
“FROOTS” features original drawings, paintings, prints, and sculpture, as well as a custom-built fruit cart, filled with merch, that you can shop in the gallery.
It’s sweet, and good for you!





Aug 14 – Aug 31 :: Re-Integrator :: Crosshair Studio’s 20th Anniversary

2015 marks the twentieth year since Dan MacAdam founded Crosshair. Rather than a retrospective, “Re-Integrator” presents examples most recent evolutions of MacAdam’s body of work, both as concert poster commissions and fine art editions, and includes several new works which will debut as Galerie F exclusive releases.

MacAdam presents decay and disintegration as a form of rebirth, where man made things are decoupled from their original intent and gain new identities as living, changing things: soulless creations in the process of acquiring souls. Though geographically wide-ranging, Re-Integrator’s subjects draw heavy inspiration from the post-industrial landscape of Chicago and the upper Midwest.

Galerie F is enthused to be a part of this milestone for Crosshair, and for the Chicago printmaking community. We strive to support the longstanding history this city has with the world of printmaking as well as the men and women who built these foundations.




Jul 10 – Aug 9 :: Galerie F 3rd Anniversary :: YAB DIY
Galerie F is honored to celebrate our third anniversary with the You Are Beautiful campaign. Only days after being named by Chicago Reader as the Best Gallery in Chicago – we have geared up to bring you one of the largest group shows to date. Over one hundred artists creating their own YAB sticker on laser etched wood. The positive vibes will be flying from 6p to 10p with superfluous amounts of beer from SweetWater, Revolution Brewing, and more. Come on out, have a drink, soak in your own beauty, and see what the art community has to offer in this massive exhibition.




Jun 19 – Jul 5 :: FANTASTIC MR. DAHL :: The Reprise

We are pleased to announce the second installment of FANTASTIC MR. DAHL – an exhibition homage to the writings of Roald Dahl. Covering an array of works – short stories, adult fiction, and the classic children tales we all know and love.

We have over twenty phenomenal artists contributing to this two week exhibition, opening on Friday June 19th from 6p to 10p.

All work will be released online over four days starting on Monday June 22nd at 2PM CST.

Contributing artists include…
Dave Perillo, Phineas Jones, Adam Hanson, Jay Shaw, John Vogl, Dan Grzeca, Delicious Design, Godmachine, Mark Hammersmeister, Sarah Schatz of Burlesque, Anne Benjamin, Mike de Pippo, Jason Abraham Smith, James Eads, Nimasprout [Nicole Gustafsson], JC Richard, Andrew Ghrist, Lisa Wakiyama, Justin VanGenderen, Zeb Love, Michael Lauritano, Jc Rivera, Mosher Street Art , Laura Szumowski, Penny Pinch



May 29 – Jun 14 :: INVENT THE FUTURE :: New Works by Chris Stain and Billy Mode

Viewing the urban community through words and images.

Chris Stain and Billy Mode have collaborated to create a body of work transporting their public art to a private space. Their styles are starkly different aesthetically, but collide conceptually through their interpretation of urban lifestyle. Stain implements the boldness of imagery through simplified stencils, Mode abstracts text into an intensely detailed declaration.

All works will be available to view for the duration of the exhibition during open hours and on the Galerie F website on Monday June 1st.

CHRIS STAIN was raised in the working class neighborhood of Highlandtown in Baltimore, MD. His interest in art began with NYC subway graffiti in the mid 1980s. Having learned printmaking methods in high school, he eventually shifted my technique toward stenciling. In 2000 he began exhibiting his work. Adapting images from photographs and working with spray paint, stencils, and paper to create interior/exterior works, Stain seeks to convey an authentic contemporary document that illustrates the triumph of the human spirit as experienced by those in underrepresented urban and rural environments. Stain works and lives in Queens, New York with his wife and two children.

BILLY MODE is a Baltimore artist who credits his formal training to the graffiti movement of the 1980′s. His current work deals with mathematical structures that are modular in design. Currently he focuses on words, which are composed into themes such as “Invent the Future”. Keeping in the graffiti tradition of stylized lettering, Bill places these thought provoking and meaningful words into repeated patterns. From there the images can be taken on as a mantra or as an invitation to consider other ideas outside of the painting. The designs are made into stencils, which allow him to experiment with different techniques and arrive at new visual perspectives. Bill uses these stencil concepts to create large-scale murals as well as experimental paintings in the studio. Sacred geometry, mathematics, micro/macrocosm parallels, and designs that exist in nature inspire Bill. He fuses these concepts with words and phrases from songs, lectures, conversations, etc. and incorporates them into his work.




May 1 – May 24 :: 大地之灵 :: EARTH SPIRIT :: Galerie F Presents HUA TUNAN
Galerie F is pleased to present the FIRST EVER gallery exhibition by Chinese artist Hua Tunan


This all new body of work will be based on different animal forms in nature. Truly a very exciting moment for Huatunan, Galerie F and the city of Chicago.

There will be multiple online print releases, one “in person only” print release, brand new original works for view/sale…

…AND Huatunan will be here in Chicago for 2 weeks creating murals, finishing original work and heading the gallery installation.

– Curated by Brian Merel –




Galerie F and Urban Vinyl Daily are pleased to present a toy fueled exhibition, For the Love of Toys!

All styles, materials, and characters are welcome in this two week exhibition celebrating playful three-dimensional art. Each artist will contribute anywhere from three to six new custom toys and accompanying works on paper, canvas, or found material. If we can hang it, you can view it. You cannot miss these immaculately crafted custom toys.

Jc Rivera – Jeremiah Ketner – JFury – The JCW – FEDZ
Jenn and Tony Bot – 64 ColorsRocketboy Customs – Leecifer




Galerie F is pleased to present the works of Lars Krause!

Krause will be taking iconic dazzlin’ gals of Hollywood and giving them a twist in pinup style that is truly enchanting.

Collectors and art enthusiasts alike will be delighted to know that there will also be rare gig posters by the artist available.





Galerie F and Stinkfish present ANIMAL TRICKS

Stinkfish and his crew are flying in from all around the world to produce a body of collaborative works never seen before. ZAS, BUYTRONICK – REX, and AEON will join Stinkfish in Chicago and produce works on found materials, canvas originals, and an array of fanzines, shirts, drawings, and more. Never before have APC CREW shown in the United States, let alone Chicago.

STINKFISH is a Colombian street artist who uses found photographs to recreate the images on street art murals. These walls are recreated with inventions of psychedelic themes and elements.

APC [Animales Poder Cultura] graffiti crew includes ZAS, BUYTRONICK, and AEON. Check APC out at





Penny Pinch and Galerie F present STREET TEXTURES.

In the words of Penny Pinch,…

“Chicago is big. It is busy. It is constructed of many different neighborhoods. But, as a Chicagoan, I feel connected to it all. When I think of the Irving Park Brown Line, I remember trading my PB&J for fried bologna. When I walk past Monroe and Columbus I think about the importance of buying a good bike lock. When I drive by Division and California I remember my favorite dog that I’ve ever met. These memories are connected to a specific location in our city. Staying connected to such a huge and active place is daunting. It’s hard.”

All of the pieces in this show are on found materials. The name of the piece is the address, intersection, or geographical location of where the piece was found; connecting it to a specific location in Chicago. There is a map of Chicago which will pinpoint where all of the pieces are from. The found objects represent the location, an area, a feeling, a city.

Featuring Nicky St. James, ABC Kills, and Mosher.





JC Rivera presents the first in a series of works re-imagining his bear champ as Rocky Balboa. A new body of paintings, drawings, works on found materials, and more that will capture the rise and fall of the [in]famous prize fighter. Rivera will be joined by a slew of friends in the creation of original collaborations. 


Haunts and horrors prevail long after Halloween’s end inside the doors at Galerie F. We are pleased to present a solo exhibition by Ohio-based illustrator BRIAN EWING. “Scream With Me” is a collection of new works by Ewing focusing on the horror genre. You’ve seen his spooky optical illusion art prints, first premiered at the gallery in the form of Norman Bates and Jack “Johnny” Torrance. Now step into his world through Ewing’s integration of design, material and anatomy that will create atmosphere of pure terror. Including works on paper and vellum, stickers, and an exclusive vinyl toy release from METACRYPT.

View and purchase work by Brian Ewing 


October 17th-November 4th:: IS FOR :: A Children’s Street Art and Printmaking Alphabet

GREAT GRAPHEME! A is for ASTRONOMY, Z is for ZIPPER. Join Galerie F for their first exhibition combining the worlds of printmaking and street art. Two sides of the same coin on display for alphabetology amusement and phonetic fun. Twenty six printmakers and twenty six street artists have selected their most cherished characters to create two complete yet contrasting alphabets. Each 12″ x 12″ work of art will be on display in this two week exhibition before its transformation into Galerie F’s first children’s book. Details of the IS FOR book release will be announced at a future date. Come find the perfect print for your progeny’s playroom! Consonants and vowels for both the childish and the versed.

Featuring new work from…Dan Stiles, Joshua Budich, Lars Krause, David Welker, Furturle, Tim Doyle, Telegramme, Lil Tuffy, Justin Santora, Doe Eyed, Erica Williams , John Vogl, FugScreens, Sean Mort, Ann Benjamin, Burlesque of North America, Frida Clements, Phineas Jones, Jillian Nickell, Neal Williams, Ashley Elander , Michael Lauritano, Jessica Brook Deahl,Cristiano Suarez, Jason Abraham Smith , Andrew Ghrist, Chris Uphues, Matthew Hoffman, UPENDO, Epyon5, ABC Kills, JC Rivera, Jason Rowland, SOLO, Amuse126, Jonski, Fonzo, Melon, wren, dirt, Ron Copeland, BWO Goosenek, Deal35, Mr. Switch, Saro, Diane Derib, Mosher, Sentrock, Penny Pinch, Abe Lincoln Jr., Nerfect ,Tara Zanzig




October 10th-October 14th:: Tiger! Tiger! :: A Weekend Exhibition by Andrew Ghrist

Galerie F is pleased to present Andrew Ghrist’s first solo exhibition. We decided to run wild with this opportunity and explore the amazing content within Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book.”
Featuring original illustrations, pen and ink drawings, and editioned prints. 

View and purchase works by Andrew Ghrist 



September 12th- October 7th:: Galerie F & Fullhearted present: Alphabet Soup 2

Letterform and design as seen through the eyes of the street artist… part 2. Soup’s on.


View and purchase from alphabets soup 2 here


August 22nd-September 10th:: Cut Along the Dotted Lines: A Three-Way Stencil Show

Galerie F is pleased to present our next graffiti inspired exhibition, CUT ALONG THE DOTTED LINES. Stencil art boasts a rich history developed in the past fifty years. We have collected three talented Midwestern artists that incorporate stencils into their body of work. At times predominate, others subtle, and often impressive. 

See SARO, Jason Rowland, and EPYON5 transform the gallery walls with a unique installation and a collection of new works.

View and purchase works bySARO, Jason Rowland, and EPYON5


July 17th- August 19th:: “Grief” 100 Self Portraits by Rob Jones

Galerie F is pleased to celebrate our second anniversary with the Grammy award winning artist Rob Jones. For his first solo exhibition in Chicago, Jones presents one hundred original drawings. Each original work will be on display with an array of other exciting works you must see during this four week installation. Sponsored by Revolution Brewing, Brooklyn Beer, and the American Poster Institute

View and purchase works by Rob Jones here.


June 13th-July 13th:: “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” Artworks by NICE ONE and LUCX

Roll it up. Roll it out. Let’s Roll. Let’s go. Go far. Get down. Painted brown. Get up. Get some. Get lost. Get found. Give in. Give away. Step back. Throw down. To the top. Homeward-bound. Stay up. Stay True. Outdoors. Indoors. Brand new. Busted. Beautiful. As/is. Used. Smell the roses. Smell the fumes. Shake it up. Shake it down. Anywhere. Nowhere. Everywhere. Right here.

View and purchase works by NICE ONE here.

View and purchase works by LUCX here.


July 11th:: “PBRart CANvas Group Show”

PBR and Galerie F are teaming up to shine a light on the burgeoning Chicago street art scene utilizing a blank PBR 16 oz. can as the canvas. PBRart, in collaboration with Logan Square’s Galerie F, bring together a hand selected group of Chicago artists to participate in a showcase of a snapshot of some of the city’s many diverse and talented artists.



May 23rd-May 24th :: “The Brother’s Grimm” A Dual Exhibition from Shawn Knight and John Vogl

Galerie F is pleased to welcome Shawn Knight and John Vogl for their dual mini exhibition. We approached Knight and Vogl to exhibit new works – their styles are varied in subject matter and aesthetic, we were eager to see them display together. This exhibition celebrates 200th anniversary of Grimm’s Fairy Tale (2nd Volume). Featuring exclusive new screenprints themed on the artists’ favorite tales from the Brothers Grimm.

View and purchase here.


April 18th-May 18th :: “Practical Geometry” A Mathematical Graffiti Exhibition

Galerie F is pleased to bring together six graffiti writers and artists that specialize in linear work, mathematically inspired styles. Each artist has been asked to create three new original works on canvas, accompanied by two sketches or line drawings. The canvases will all be of the same dimension and orientation to create a geometrically cohesive display.

View and purchase here.

Featured artists:: Cyfn, Revise CMW, Del Real Ink, Jake Castro, Cove, Ruben Aguirre


April 11th-April 13th :: “Remnants” Recent Drawings and Paintings by Justin Santora

‘Remnants’ displays an array of original ink drawings, paintings and other works on paper. Many of the drawings and sketches to be displayed have come to life as screen printed gig posters and art prints. His subject matter often is a visual definition of ‘the Midwest;’ carefully muted colors allow his painstakingly detailed drawings to stand at the forefront. ‘Remnants’ will give you an inside look into the methods of an analog screenprinter with an eye for nuances.

View and purchase here.


March 28th-April 11th ::”Well Read”A Solo Exhibition from Tracie Ching

“Well Read” investigates the relationship between contemporary films and the literary classics from which they are derived. In this body of work Tracie Ching explores different novels that have spawned successful film counterparts, creating her own interpretations which carefully adhere to their respective stories. The show itself is a response to the use of source material and the effects that different visual representations have on them over time. Every representation, including Tracie’s, is a result of applying different filters to a piece of work that has become larger than the creator could have ever imagined. While the film industry may introduce aesthetic, thematic, or even plot changes, Tracie attempts to stay close to the original source material while applying aesthetics attributed to the time period of each novel.

View and purchase here.


February 28th-March 23rd :: “Toy Stories” An Exploration of Childhood

Delving deep into the recesses of your neglected attic, Galerie F presents ‘Toy Stories’ – a group printmaking exhibition of childhood treasures. Each artist was invited to create a new original work depicting their ultimate toy – some imaginary, some real, some surreal. Galerie F artist and local toymaker JC Rivera will be producing original cast toys to accompany some artist renderings, bringing their designs to life.

View and purchase here.

Featured artists:: Never Sleeping, Boss Construction , FugScreens Studios, Mirjam Dijkema, Scraped Knee, Print Mafia, Clint Wilson, Blunt Graffix, Epyon5, Russ White, Justin VanGenderen, Craig Church,  Sean Mort, Cricket Press ,Ghost Town Design, John Howard


February 7th-February 26th :: “Beauty of the Beast” Officially Limited Exhibition

John Otterbacher of Officially Limited and Galerie F are pleased to present their next collaborative event. Beauty of the Beast is a small group art show centered around the theme of motorcycles and motorcycle culture, including the bikes themselves, gangs or clubs, pinup girls and the concepts of freedom and adventure. Artists will draw from their personal experiences whether that is from being around motorcycle culture or their relationship to it from a distance through media.

View and purchase here.

Featured artists:: Timothy Doyle, Jon Smith , Martin Cimek, Paul Shipper, Raid 71, James FlamesAndrew GhristVoodoo Catbox,  Clinton RenoAdam DeVarneyFugScreens StudiosJacob BorshardThe BungalooLloyd W. Patterson Jr.Casey DieboldDan GrzecaBlunt Graffix


January 10-February 4th :: “The Bird v the Bear: Art War Chronicles”

Galerie F is pleased to present the first dual exhibition of Chicago street artist JC Rivera and national street artist Sentrock. Featuring collaborative works, paintings, illustrations, interactive installations, and more. The gallery becomes the battleground as these artists collide.

View and purchase here.


December 13-January 8, 2014 :: “Location, Location, Location” Justin VanGenderen Exhibition

More information coming soon.

View and purchase here.


November 22-December 10, 2013 :: “Made in the Midwest” Group Printmaking Exhibition

We invite you to join Galerie F in celebrating over two decades of the Chicago printmaking scene with the opening of “Made in the Midwest.” Twenty-five established artists exhibiting works themed on the Midwest, printmaking, and everything in between. Each artist presents a new exclusive art print for the exhibition shown with pre-production materials, giving insight to the process of their individual styles. Original sketches, cut rubylith, crudely drawn stick figures on used napkins – anything deemed significant by the creator in their artistic process. We also are happy to announce the release of a minimalist “family tree” art print paying homage fathers of the Chicago gig poster scene, Steve Walters [Screwball Press] and Jay Ryan [the Bird Machine]. Designed by Michael Lauritano and Zissou Tasseff-Elenkoff.

View and purchase here.

Featured artists:: Steve Walters, Jay Ryan, Dan Grzeca, Mat Daly, Kathleen Judge, Johnny Sampson, Crosshair Studio, Delicious Design League, Kill Hatsumomo Prints, Drug Factory Press, Justin Santora Illustration, Lloyd W. Patterson Jr., Baker Prints, FugScreens Studios, Billy Craven, Josh Davis, Nate Azark, Chris Hefner, Ethan D’Ercole, Adam Hanson, Landland, Andrew Ghrist


October 25-November 17, 2013 :: You Are Beautiful: the Next Chapter

Galerie F and Matthew Hoffman have joined forces enthusiastically to present “You Are Beautiful: the Next Chapter.” This group exhibition serves as a celebration of TEN YEARS of the You Are Beautiful campaign. You Are Beautiful is the little sticker that started a worldwide phenomenon. This message, spread by the community, has touched lives on every continent in the world. After ten years of spreading positivity, You Are Beautiful will join Galerie F in exhibiting over twenty artists that have contributed to YAB in the past. Matthew Hoffman, founder and custodian of YAB, will be producing a series of cut wood pieces for every year passed and every lesson learned. This exhibition will also premier the first chapter of the upcoming You Are Beautiful biography, printing in winter 2013. Our exhibition draws strongly from the cathartic and extensive research Hoffman has conducted to create this book. Stay tuned for details on the book’s release through Galerie F.

Featured artists::  Chris Uphues, Goons, Starshaped, Dan Grzeca, FugScreens Studios, E. Harris, Jeremy Schultz, blütt, Nice One, LUCX, Brooks Golden, Penny Pinch, Sent Rock, Andrew Lawrence, anna cf, Ian Ferguson, Ben Wagner, MOSHER, Clam Nation, wren, Alex Synge, upso, Adam Hanson, Sean Mort Print Shop, JC Rivera, Sean Starr, Annica Lyndenberg, Don’t Fret


October 4-October 20, 2013 :: “Who Will Save Us Now?” :: New Works by EPYON5

‘Who Will Save Us Now?’ EPYON5′s introductory solo exhibition debuting new prints, paintings and spraypainted canvases. E5′s work draw from the bold simplicity of propaganda posters while integrating its thematic opposite – grandiose Baroque decorum. These challenging aesthetics frame pop culture characters, creating instant icons. EPYON5 hails from the Midwest. Originally trained in the fine art of Renaissance style realism, e5 has shifted his focus to the more immediate and gratifying medium of stencils and spray paint. Although his subject matter is familiar and contemporary, Epyon5 tries to infuse elements of classical design into his current works; thereby still retaining a feel of past grandeur and spectacle.


September 27-29, 2013 :: Mosher Pop-Up Show “Four Letter Words”

“Censorship feeds the dirty mind more than the four letter word itself,” Dick Cavett. MOSHER is a Chicago-based street artist fueled by boredom and inspired by beer. ‘Four Letter Words’ addresses the social taboo of naughty words and their comical censorship. Ampersand exclamation question pound! Come express your favorite sailors dirty seven at this three day pop up exhibition.


September 6-27, 2013 :: United Prints of America :: New Works by Sean Mort

A collection of new works by English designer and printmaker Sean Mort themed on notable moments in history, culture, travel, and kitsch in America’s greatest destinations. Described by the artist, “I have been inspired for a number of years now by Sufjan Stevens’ grand but ultimately ill fated attempt to create a record for each state in America. He only got to two before he gave up and started alienating me with records about bridges but those two records for me are his finest. Straight away I have beat his two and I see this being an ongoing project, but only if I visited more places.”


August 23-September 1, 2013 :: Shot From the Hip: A Photography Exhibition

Galerie F’s first photography exhibition “Shot From the Hip” features a collection of the finest street art and graffiti photographers worldwide.

Featured artists::  Luna Park, Sergej Vutuc, Diane Ribaupierre, Brock Brake, Tom Fennell, Oscar Fotoflow, Eden Leavy, Pete Rangel, Senor Codo, httpill


July 18-August 23, 2013 :: The Fantastic Mr. Dahl/Galerie F’s One Year Anniversary

A spectacular spectacle of literary masterpieces re-imagined by some of Europe’s best illustrators, designers, and printers. A ragtag team of artists joining together to pay homage to the life works of Roald Dahl. Eighteen artists and eighteen stories.

Featured artists::  Clockwork Pictures, Sean Mort, Michael Hacker, Mirjam Dijkema, Zissou Tasseff-Elenkoff,, Michael Cowell, WeThreeClub, Bernie Hoffman, Comet, Substance, Luke Drozd, Horse Design, Drew Millward, Damien Tran, Arrache Toi Un Oeil, Army of Cats, Grace Helly Graphics, Telegramme, Mara Piccione

June 21-July 17, 2013 :: Beyond The Infinite

“Beyond The Infinite” is a screen print focused show that explores the genre of Science Fiction featuring new work from some of the best print makers from around the country. The show dives deep into the world of astronauts, aliens, androids, and alternate realities to create work that not only celebrates the Science Fiction genre but also provides a new perspective on it as well.

Featured artists::  Aaron Eiland, Adam Hanson, Bandito Design Co, Christopher Branson, Delicious Design League, Doe Eyed, Fug Screens, Jeremy Van Cleef, Lil Tuffy, Nathan Grundhauser, Nerl Says Design, Sasha Barr, Sean Dove, Shawn K Knight, Spike Press, Two Arms Inc

May 17, 2013 :: Remnants of Things Past by Ron Copeland

Paintings, installation and lighting inspired by and made up of signage from times past. Ron Copeland is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Pittsburgh. His interests in recent years have focused on exploring abandoned spaces of the city. Taking fragments of what remains of houses or buildings, he recreates the space of a life left behind, using remnants of human activity in areas now fallen into decay.

June 15 & 16, 2013 :: 18×24 A Gig Poster Pop-Up Shop

18×24 is a Gig Poster Pop-Up Shop featuring some of the premiere poster artists in the country. Each artist has a designated booth to exhibit and sell their work, including gig posters, art prints, apparel, etc.

Featured artists::  Adam Hanson, Bureau of Print Research & Design, Dead Meat Design, Delicious Design League, Fug Screens, Justin Santora, Nerl Says Design, Scott Williams Design, Shawn K Knight



May 8, 2013 :: SUMMER BREAK Poetry Reading

Join us for a cool summer reading at Galerie F, Chicago’s first gig poster and street art gallery, located in Logan Square. Browse the print archive, check out the exhibition, and hear poems and stories loosely inspired by SUMMER—and drinking jet fuel on the porch.

Featured artists::  Mairead Case, Angelique Nelson, Isyemille Lara

March 22, 2013 :: BluntGraffix presents Loaded Guns

Blunt Graffix and Galerie F has teamed up to bring you the keenest print show in town. Tommy guns, pinstripe suits, and hidden aces will be abound in this gangster-themed exhibition located in the city of sin itself. The evening’s affair will be catered by Brian Merel – poster enthusiast and chef extraordinaire. This night is the Real McCoy.

Featured artists::  Adam Pinney – aelhra – AJ Masthay – BluntGraffix – Braulio Amado – Brin Levinson – QFSChris – Clint Wilson – Clinton Reno -Billy Craven – David Welker – Delanorock – Devan Dieterle – Jim Pollock – Jason Abraham Smith – Jon Bergeron – JP Cuison – The Fresh Doodle – Lastleaf Printing – Lars P Krause – Marco Almera – Peter Adamyan – Peter Cardoso – Rhys Cooper – Matthew Johnson – SHT! – Tbone and Aljax – Tim Jordan – Tim Oliviera – Tracie Ching – David Blake – Jay Shaw – Gregory Oberle – James Ryan Mosher

February 15, 2013 :: Don’t Sweat It

Travel around the world, try new things, explore your hobbies, or just get hammered on a resort in Mexico. “Don’t Sweat It!” celebrates, as well as critiques, these breaks away from the day to day. 

Featured artists:: The Yok – Sheryo – Brad Rohloff – Nathan Friedman – Dillon Froelich – Michael C. Hsiung – Luke Pelletier – Ben Jensen – Miles Jackson – Jeffrey Kubasak – Eric McHenry – Charlie Megna – Sean Morris – Bryan Peterson – Austin England

February 22, 2013 :: 16th Chicago Bike Winter Art Show

Critical Mass co-curators Steven Lane and Stuart Hall are proud to announce the 16th Chicago Bike Winter Art Show. This year the event will span across two shows at two different venues, culminating in one amazing evening. The walls will be adorned with spokes & saddles, brackets & brakes.

January 18, 2013 :: IN A PERFECT WORLD

IN A PERFECT WORLD invites the paintings and wheatpastes of the prolific artist and profuse illustrator, NiceOne and LUCX, off the streets and into Galerie F, where they will exhibit their collaborative and solo works like never before. Step into the lavish worlds they create, with a showcase of doodles, paintings and installations that tell tales of imaginary beings and universal truths, allowing us escape the wet socks of reality for just a moment and find ourselves right where we belong… in a perfect world.

January 4, 2013 :: THE IPMM COLLECTION

IPaintMyMind’s mission is 501(c)3 nonprofit public arts media group and advocacy organization. IPMM believes in serving as a conduit for artists to make their art viable. We want to encourage and help grow a climate in which artists and artwork are valued and supported. IPMM’s role is to expose people to inspiring art, music, and culture, not to sell your eyeballs to the highest bidder – thus, the fact that there are no advertisements on our website, ever (

Featured artists:: Daniel Danger – Sam Flores – Jermaine Rogers – Zach Johnsen – Tara McPherson – Dan Grzeca – Justin Santora – Vidhya Nagarajan – Iain Macarthur

December 16, 2012 :: Jewelry Beef

Homegrown, all-natural, grass fed design! Join the rebellion and support local jewelry designers. Stop by to purchase unique, locally designed gifts just in time for the holidays.

Featured artists:: Anidem Jewelry – Gosia Jewelry – kFroet Designs – Leah Ball Jewelry – Maia Leppo – Michelle Sallemi – Mike and Mary – Organica

December 8, 2012 :: Middle Coast Zine Fest

The Middle Coast Zine Fest is a two-day gathering of artists featuring well-crafted zines inspired by art, music, and graffiti & street art. Middle Coast aspires to engage dialogue, writing, photography and other artwork through beautifully designed and independently published zines. With special thanks to our sponsors Quimby’s Bookstore, Saki, and Gaslight Roasters.

November 16, 2012 :: No We Can’t, It Looks Underwater

No We Can’t, It Looks Underwater is the debut solo show from Adam Hanson. This collection of still lifes if made up of Victorian era antiques presented in a pop art context. Adam illustrates these images utilizing his signature style; a limited palette of bold colors, intricate halftone patterns, and a refined cartoon aesthetic.

October 13, 2012 :: Logan Square Art Walk


September 28, 2012 :: Alphabet Soup

Come join us in the celebration of letterform’s and design’s ugly stepchild, street art. “Alphabet Soup” will showcase letterform art and design as seen, pushed, bent, and stretched by the clever hands of thirteen of Chicago’s most well respected street artists.

Featured artists:: Amuse – Asend – Cove – Fonzo – Jash – Kane – Like – Melon – Mime – Omens – Sege – Shipwreck – Three

July 20, 2012 :: Send Me Your Pigeons

Send Me Your Pigeons is a riff on the complications of communication with modern technology with the implication that pigeons are more reliable than Internet or phone communications. Printmaking is a form of expression that thrives on reception and interaction with outside viewers; it is a form of art surviving through communication. We want to unite the artists with their audience, the language with the work, and the local community with the national community.

July 20, 2012 :: Galerie F Grand Opening