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FRIDAY, October 28


The Lords of Chaos

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Chaos can easily be defined in a concise manner as “disorder and confusion.” And while most of us assume that chaos is perpetuated and created by those of a sinister nature, it can often be the result and intention of characters who are virtuous in thought and action. Ultimately Chaos is a state. It is the end result of intentional and unintentional choices as well as the aftermath of natural occurrences. “THE LORDS OF CHAOS”, an exhibition featuring the spray painted works of R6D4 and EPYON5, will focus on presenting characters that embody the very idea and definition of chaos; characters who walk the line of both good, evil, and sometimes both; characters who have created an atmosphere of disorder through intentional and unintentional means.

R6D4 and EPYON5 are two of Galerie F’s six featured artists, both focusing on stunning stencil techniques and applications. With a background in Renaissance realism, EPYON5 evolved his technique and love of past grandeur into contemporary works where familiar characters become glorious. R6D4 also has a penchant for re-imagining characters, many emerging from his childhood in the 80s and 90s. Spellbound by comic book aesthetics, science-fiction and skate culture, his work reflects pure obsession.

These two terrific handcut stencil artists bring bedlam to the gallery on Friday, October 27 from 6-10PM. (Costumes are welcome, maybe even encouraged, but not required at this celebration of chaos). We’ll have cold beverages from The Hop Butcher, as well as bottled hydration from Essentia Water.