Paper Planes

Specialists in gig posters, fine art prints, and street art. | 2415 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL

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Paper Planes

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Austin U-Lock

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Chicago Postage Stamp 2

View Item APSM13-SeanMort-Bookshelf-SM

Chicago Skyline [Book Shelf]

View Item APSM23-SeanMort-ChicagoPostageStamp1-SM

Chicago Postage Stamp 1

View Item APSM19-SeanMort-BikePair-SM

Bike Pair [16″x20″]

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How The World Ends [20″x16″]

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Balloons YAB

View Item IisForPrintSmall

I is For Iris

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New York Skyline [Book Shelf]

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Gamer Revolution

View Item IllinoisSeanM

Untangled Illinois

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Tetris Mario

View Item GameboySmall

Welcome to the Future

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View Item levoyagesmall

Le Voyage Dans La Lune, FL

View Item hotdogsmall

Hot Dog Ferris Wheel, IL

View Item A-Tribute-Small

A Tribute to Rocky Indiana, PA

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Popsicles, CA

View Item into-the-woods-small

Into the Woods, OR

View Item hotdogvariantsmall

Hot Dog Ferris Wheel [V]

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1600 Pennsylvania Ave, DC

View Item gatsby-small

West Egg, NY

View Item dogtown2small

The Dogtown Articles #2

View Item dogtown1small

The Dogtown Articles #1

View Item fogcitysmall

Fog City, CA

View Item usasmall


View Item untangled-small

Untangled, TX

View Item New-Fork-City-Small

New Fork City, NY

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George’s Marvellous Set

View Item George's-Marvellous-Medicine

George’s Marvellous Medicine

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We Are Scientists

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Band of Horses


Yo Yo

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How the World Ends – Variant

View Item HowtheWorldEnds

How the World Ends

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End of the World – Show Poster

View Item chicagov2small

Chicago v2

View Item newyorkv2small

New York City v2

View Item chicagoalphabetlabel

C is for Chicago

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Bicycle Pair

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The Vaccines

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Band of Horses

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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah