Mosher Street Art Interview

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Mosher Street Art Interview

Galerie F took some time to chat it up with local street artist Mosher. Mosher has been making his mark on Chicago for two years now and chances are you have seen his work! Check out what Mosher had to say about street art and his new exhibition “Four Letter Words” starting this Friday, Sept. 23 at 6pm.



When did you first start doing street art?

“Two years ago when I moved from Florida. Florida doesn’t have a lot of street art. I got into it when I moved to Chicago and I noticed all the graffiti and wheatpastes. I wanted to be an artist so I decided to try somewhere else.”

What made you want to do street art?

“It was influential seeing other street artists’ work. I like the idea of highlighting art in a guerilla marketing style. I met Left Handed Wave and he kind of told me how to do wheat paste. But I have always painted and drawn so it wasn’t hard to figure out painting and pasting to a wall.”

Do you have formal training in art? Or did you learn yourself?

“Taught myself.”

What is the inspiration behind some of your street art images?

“Cartoons, Chicago itself, I like to consider audience and what people would want to see.”


What inspires the location of your street art?

“When wheat pasting I try to pick a low key spot. I like to do my art during the day in a spot that seems like I’m supposed to be there. Also, finding surfaces that adhere well like wood or doors, bricks are tricky.”

What is your favorite thing about being a street artist?

“Being able to have people see your art somewhere that is not a gallery. Also, the idea of disposable art; I’ve been trying to speed up work because I know that it isn’t going to last too long.”

Do you have any projects in the works that you are excited about?

“I have a show [at Galerie F] in September called “Four Letter Words.” The title of the exhibit is based on Dick Cavett’s quote “Censorship feeds the dirty mind more than the four-letter word itself.” I like the notion of what constitutes a swear word and censorship and how it is used to protect people. The power of a word itself. I’m using a lot of text based images. I want to have a comedic spin on it, so it is more interesting for people to look at.”


When creating an art piece for the street what are some factors that need to be accounted for? Like color/size/location…etc. 

“Time and resources. I like to use thick vibrant colors.”

Words of advice for anyone interested in making their own street art?

“Get cheap supplies. I use Mistint which is returned supplies not used that you can buy. Also, don’t get caught!”


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