New Street Art this Week in Logan Square

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New Street Art this Week in Logan Square

Summer is mural season. Many of the street artists that Galerie F works with are currently traveling all over the world painting these beloved large scale pieces. While murals are becoming a hot commodity for real estate agents (many are hiring street artists to paint their buildings to raise property values), it can still be hard for artists to find walls. Galerie F helps connect artists to potential clients asking for commissions and this summer is no different.
This week two artists, Andrew Ghrist and Migue, are painting murals right around the corner from Galerie F.  Ghrist is an exclusive artist at Galerie F, featured in our current show “Street Level,” and Migue is currently visiting the city from Puerto Rico. Below is a brief description of what they are working on, some photos, and information about what it’s like to create and negotiate these kinds of works.


Work in Progress Shot of Mural for The Number Project by Andrew Ghrist, photo courtesy of the artist

Work in Progress Shot of Mural for The Number Project by Andrew Ghrist

The Number Project is a company based in Logan Square that specializes in curating experiences. They have produced events for The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Will Ferrell among others. They are also producing two after-parties for Lollapalooza this year. Ghrist is currently painting a huge, incredibly detailed mural in their offices which already sport two murals by JC Rivera.

Andrew Ghrist working on his mural for The Number Project

Andrew Ghrist working on his mural for The Number Project


JC Rivera and Ghrist recently collaborated to create the extremely popular Flamingo mural in River North, pictured below.


Photo Courtesy of @whiskey.roulette

Photo Courtesy of @whiskey.roulette


Migue, an artist originally from Peru but now working in Puerto Rico, met JC Rivera at a Puerto Rican street festival in March that Rivera was participating in. Rivera invited Migue to Chicago to meet the staff of Galerie F and to paint a section of wall on Milwaukee and Medill Avenue. Migue works primarily as a tattoo artist with Juan Salgado in San Juan, but hopes to create more original paintings and murals.


Migue painting a mural on Milwaukee and Medill Avenue

Migue painting a mural on Milwaukee and Medill Avenue

Migue recently hosted a successful solo show at his studio in Puerto Rico and his large scale murals there are also gaining attention. When asked about the difference in experience between painting murals in the United States versus Puerto Rico, he said that rules about where you can paint are not as serious back home. In Puerto Rico he can paint everywhere and doesn’t necessarily need permission. It is much more acceptable to simply claim a wall and paint. In the United States, it is very important to have permission if you are going to be painting in a well known public space and those spaces can be hard to come by. The section of wall that Migue is painting this week in Chicago was secured in part by Galerie F.

Migue painting a mural on Milwaukee and Medill Avenue

Migue painting a mural on Milwaukee and Medill Avenue


Migue enjoys painting these large scale works because it offers the opportunity to travel the world and be in the streets among people who are simply enjoying the city. This summer Migue is travelling to Spain, Belgium, Bolivia, and Virginia. He has already worked with Jesse Smith a tattoo artist in Richmond, Virginia.


Make sure to check out the finished mural by Migue located around the corner from Galerie F on Milwaukee and Medill. If you are lucky you might pass by while he is working!
If you are a business or property owner who is interested in working with an artist on a street art/mural project, please stop by the gallery and let us know what you are thinking! We will keep you updated with more exciting projects throughout the city as the summer mural season continues.

Galerie F Celebrates 4 Years with “Street Level” Exhibition

This Friday, July 15, Galerie F is celebrating our fourth anniversary with a show titled “Street Level,” which brings together over 30 artists who we have proudly worked with over the past four years. The show features mostly original works commissioned specifically for the show and a few rarely-seen works by select artists. We are so grateful to be able to work with such well-known Chicago icons and to introduce new artists from outside the city and abroad. “Street Level” is a big THANK YOU to everyone who is involved with Galerie F and has helped to foster a space for the promotion, collaboration, and encouragement of poster and street artists in Chicago.

Work in Progress Shot of Glass Cuisine’s Contribution to the Show @glasscuisine

Work in Progress Shot of Glass Cuisine’s Contribution to the Show @glasscuisine

Four years ago, owners Zissou Tasseff-Elenkoff and Billy Craven set out to open Galerie F as the very first “open door” gallery space in Chicago. The aim was to create a space that was open six days a week, where walk-ins were welcome, and that was available to any art lover’s wallet size. The pair decided to open Galerie F in Logan Square in hopes of cementing accessible art such as printmaking and street art into the local, contemporary art scene while promoting both local and international artists.

JC Rivera working on his contribution to “Street Level” @jcrivera

JC Rivera working on his contribution to “Street Level” @jcrivera

Galerie F has since become a leading, if not the most successful, hub in Chicago for local artists involved in the poster art, screen printing, and street art scene. JC Rivera, an artist who has worked with Galerie F from the very beginning and is well known in Chicago for his depiction of The Bear Champ, explains why he keeps coming back to the gallery: “It’s because they understand me, they have good communication with me, and they are nice people. Galerie F promotes their artists well. It’s not just like they take your painting and put it on the wall and that’s it. They work with artists to develop their style and everything. There’s a community feeling here with Billy and Zissou.”



Work in Progress Shot of Rocketboy’s Contribution to the show @rocketboy


Sick Fisher will be showing work with Galerie F for the second time in “Street Level.” Fisher first started working with Galerie F through our sponsor New Belgium. When asked what he finds appealing about working with Galerie F, he also attested to the large community of artists:  “All the artists that I’ve met have been affiliated with the gallery, the community is what I enjoy the most.” He adds that the gallery’s focus on accessible art allows him to experiment with new ways of making: “I don’t know much about prints, so that’s a big new step for me. Going from one of a kind paintings to being able to mass-produce them. That’s really exciting to me.”


Local street artist Mosher has worked with Galerie F for about three years now and his work will also be featured in “Street Level.” His style is heavily influenced by media and pop culture iconography. When asked what drives his art making he answered, “I like things that are immediately recognizable and hopefully resonate with people on some kind of personal level.” He points out that, over the past four years, Galerie F has brought, “a lot of good art to the walls of Logan [Square]” and “they’re really supportive of the art community we have here in Chicago.”


Work in progress shot of Mosher’s contribution to the show @moshershow

The staff at Galerie F is committed to introducing new and emerging artists to the scene and our anniversary show is no different. We invited Danny Sobor, an artist born and raised in Chicago and currently working in Detroit, to show work in “Street Level,” which will be his third official show at Galerie F. Sobor, who is new to the gallery scene welcomes the opportunity that galleries can provide for street artists: “I really appreciate that they give younger guys like me the opportunity to show and cut my teeth next to heavy hitters like JC and Nate. I grew up looking at their work, it’s crazy to share a room with them.” Living in Chicago has a deep influence on Sobor’s work; he says, “I was born and raised in Chicago, it’s inspired me since day one. My first exposure to art was as a kid riding the blue line; I would watch tags and murals go by and keep tabs on what was new, what got buffed, what was fading. I would alternate the side of the train I sat on so I could take everything in. I thought it was magic that people could make things on roofs and walls; I wanted to do that too.”


Work in Progress Shot from Danny Sobor’s Contribution to the Show @dannysobor

Galerie F spends its days tirelessly promoting local street favorites and genuinely nurturing new artists on the scene. We are bent on outdoing ourselves every year by continuing to evolve with our shared community. Come by this Friday, July 15th from 6-10pm, for a tremendous show, with a truly stellar line-up, where we say thanks to all of our favorite artists and to all of you for helping us make it to this important milestone.




Andrew Ghrist



CHema Skandal!

Danny Sobor



Glass Cuisine

Ivan Vazquez

Louie Capozzoli






Nate Otto

Paul Rentler

Penny Pinch

Raul Ra


Ron Copeland


Sick Fisher



The Bearchamp


Thomas Wrecks

Trinidad Lou


Uncle Harvey


Jim Pollock: 30 Year Retrospective

Jim Pollock 30 Year Retrospective

A thirty year retrospective of the art of Jim Pollock, one of the most quirky, influential and highly collectible rock poster artists of past century, will be showcased at Galerie F for two days only on June 24th and 25th.

This is good news for music fans, sports fans and art collectors alike. Jim Pollock’s unique linoleum printmaking style using largely 19th century techniques and whimsical themes have been the cornerstone artwork of the band Phish.  From his illustration of the band’s first album Junta to countless t-shirts, tickets, prints and concert posters, Pollock’s designs are instantly recognizable among Phish fans. Pollock’s posters, featured in The Art of Rock, have also been the choice of jam bands such as Umphrey’s McGee, The Disco Biscuits, Primus and music festivals such as Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Summer Camp Music Festival, North Coast Music Festival10,000 Lakes Festival and more.  Many may also recognize Pollock’s iconic street art posters plastered across cities in support of Bernie Sanders…posted, that is, for the few minutes before collectors have snatched them up.

With Phish in Chicago for two sold out concerts at Wrigley Field, collectors can come be a part of history as Galerie F presents the largest retrospective exhibition ever assembled of Pollock’s posters, featuring over 500 original works by the artist and offering a pre-purchase poster release on Wednesday, June 15th featuring a new collectible poster that Chicago Cubs fans will not want to miss.

Details, including Friday’s exclusive Preferred Collector’s Preview and times to meet the artist, may be found at

UPDATE: 6/29/2016

Galerie F Pollock 30th
Galerie F would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the hundreds of Jim Pollock collectors who attended this past weekend’s 30 Year Retrospective.

The success of our 48 hour exhibition was absolutely tremendous and sent ripples of emotion through Jim, collectors and everyone here at Galerie F. It was the biggest exhibition we’ve ever hosted which showcased more work than any other show we’ve ever exhibited. We welcomed more attendees to an opening than ever before. We look forward to fulfilling your orders promptly and hope to see you at our exciting upcoming 2016/2017 exhibitions.

Due to the overwhelming response and success of our show we have hundreds of orders to fulfill including both existing Wrigley Field prints in addition to hundreds of additional works purchased at the gallery Friday and Saturday. In turn, our initially announced release of remaining works will be delayed while we carefully fulfill our existing orders and inventory remaining works.

We thank you for your patience and understanding while we tackle the tremendous tasks at hand and prepare our existing works to be released in the coming weeks.

UPDATE: 6/22/2016


Thank you for your interest in attending Jim Pollock’s 30 Year Retrospective. We look forward to your visit and strive to make your experience enjoyable in addition to making your checkout process as expedited as possible. With your help we trust we can welcome the anticipated collectors to preview the exhibition and make their purchases in an organized manner.

• A comprehensive catalog will be released on Thursday, June 23rd at 8PM CST – 12 hours before the doors open.
• This catalog will be available on Facebook and
• We encourage you to review the works available to familiarize yourself with your potential purchases.

• Please form an orderly line outside Galerie F as your schedule permits – doors open at 8AM.
• Numbered wristbands will be distributed in the order in which you enter the line.

• We will be welcoming 75 collectors, along with their companions, into the gallery every 45 minutes.
• You will not have an opportunity to re-enter at any time so if you exit, you agree you have concluded your visit and are intent on leaving the gallery.

• Upon entry, you will have 30 minutes to peruse the collection, meet Jim and determine your purchase(s).
• 30 minutes after entering we will invite collectors to enter a numerical queue to complete their purchases.
• A large digital display will indicate the current number asked to begin the checkout process.
• If you are not prepared to make your purchase at the time your number is called, you will be ask to join the end of the line.
• Three collectors will be checked out at one time; three spaces will be outlined on the floor.
• Please enter one of these spaces when you are prepared to begin your checkout process once your number is displayed.
• A gallery host will kindly help you select your desired purchases.
• Please DO NOT remove any artwork from the walls or bins.
• A host will prepare your selected work(s) for your chosen delivery method: shipment or pick-up

• Cash or Credit Card purchases only. PayPal invoices and checks will NOT be accepted.
• Payment plans with a 30% deposit are welcome on purchases of $500.00 or more.

• If you are one the first 175 collectors to purchase more than $500.00 in pre-tax in-store purchases you will automatically receive an official Limited Edition (x250) Jim Pollock collectors enamel pin set of 3 unique pins produced in association with HoscoPress featuring Pollock’s classic (1) Walking Nose (2) Walking Mouth (3) Walking Ear.
• Pin Sets are limited to the first 175 Collectors who purchase $500.00 or more in pre-tax exhibition artwork throughout this special 2 day exhibition.
• There will be 50 Sets available in a similar manner during an online release of remaining works Wednesday, June 29, 2016.

• If you are not interested in purchasing additional artwork, you may enjoy the exhibition for the entire duration of your viewing and exit the through the rear of the gallery where you will also pick-up your Wrigley Field print(s) upon leaving.
• Once you exit the gallery your wristband will be removed and you will not be able to re-enter the gallery again until 2pm.
• Please exit the exhibition through the back door only – the front door will for entrance only.

• Your Wrigley Field print by Jim Pollock will be provided upon conclusion of your visit as you exit the gallery.
• If you have made a purchase of other artwork, a host will have prepared this additional purchase during the check-out process.
• You will be able to collect your Wrigley Field print(s) and any additional purchased work on your way out through the staging area in the rear of the gallery.
• Once you exit the gallery your wristband will be removed and you will not be able to re-enter the gallery again until 2pm.
• Please exit the exhibition through the back door only – the front door will be for entrance only.

• Once you exit the gallery, your wristband will be removed and you will not be able to re-enter the gallery again until 2PM.
• Please exit the exhibition through the back door only – the front door will be for entrance only.
• We can’t thank you enough for sharing your enthusiasm and support with us during this monumental Jim Pollock exhibition. We hope your experience with all of us here at Galerie F was thoughtful, pleasant and memorable.

UPDATE: 6/16/2016

Thank you to all 1,026 fans of Jim Pollock’s Wrigley Field print for purchasing!

We look forward to seeing you at the 30 Year Retrospective exhibition Friday, June 24 – Saturday, June 25, 2016!

More information regarding how to pick-up your purchase at the exhibition, when our show catalog will be revealed, how to purchase exhibition works in our gallery PLUS a few surprises up our sleeve will be available Wednesday, June 22, 2016.

UPDATE: 6/16/2016

Jim Pollock Wrigley Field 2016

Thank you for your patience while Jim finished carving the final block of his Wrigley Field inspired print. We’re proud to release this image showcasing the final poster. It is a 19″x25″ hand-carved, signed and numbered limited edition print on French Paper created on Pollock’s Vandercook Press. Get yours before Friday, June 17th at 1:59pm CST!


UPDATE: 6/15/2016

The 48 hour timed release of Jim Pollock’s Wrigley Field inspired print is finally here. Don’t miss this drop!


UPDATE: 6/13/2016

We are offering a 48 Hour timed release of Jim Pollock’s Wrigley Field inspired print. The print will be $50.00 and will be available to purchase on Wednesday June 15th at 2pm CST and close on Friday June 17th at 1:59pm CST. The purchase link will be published at at 2pm when the sale opens.

By purchasing this poster you will gain access to the Preferred Collector’s Preview. You may purchase up to three posters during the 48 hour online sale – however, each purchase only grants you one place in line. You may bring a guest along with you but they must have a $10 Companion Pass which can be purchased with the poster and a Companion Pass is limited to one per customer. A portion of the proceeds will benefit a local Chicago charity.

If you are interested in the poster but are unable to attend, we will gladly ship the poster! If you are attending the Preferred Collector’s Preview, you must be present and in line with ID to pick up your poster. The Preferred Collector’s Preview is from 8am-2pm on Friday, June 24th. General public admittance is from 2pm-6pm on the same day.  On Saturday, June 25th from 8am-6pm Galerie F will once again be opened to the public.

Remaining works from the show will be available for purchase online from Wednesday June 29th at 2pm CST on our site. There will be further updates on Galerie F’s site HERE or on our facebook event page.


What will be available for purchase?
Over 500 original works dating back to 1984. 30 years of drawings, sketches, rare posters and never before seen pieces.

When can I attend?
Fans interested in having the first opportunity to purchase works at the gallery will need to pre-purchase a poster online to enter the Preferred Collector’s Preview on Friday, June 24th from 8am-2pm. Your “ticket” is your purchase receipt of print available Wednesday, June 15th-Friday, June 17th. In order to enter the gallery on Friday, June 24th from 8am-2pm you will show your ID which we will match to your receipt. Fans may also attend from 2pm-6pm Friday, June 24th and/or Saturday, June 25th 8am-6pm when we’ll be open to the public for free. Friday from 8am-2pm is only for those that have purchased the timed-release print and are interested in receiving the first opportunity to acquire these rare, original works.

Friday, June 24th 8am – 2pm: Preferred Collector’s Preview; must pre-purchase poster online 6/15-6/17 to attend
Friday, June 24th 2pm-6pm: Open to the public; free
Saturday, June 25th 8am-6pm: Open to the public; free

Galerie F is located at 2381 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647

When can I be guaranteed to meet the artist?
Jim will be at the gallery on Friday, June 24th from 8am-2pm and may make additional unscheduled appearances throughout the two day event.

Is there a limit to how many pieces I can purchase?

Does the gallery accept payment plans?
Yes. We require 30% retainer to claim your work. Your remaining balance will be due upon delivery and may be made in installments.